EU-FP7-IP: ABC4Trust - Attribute-based Credentials for Trust
The goal of ABC4Trust is to address the federation and interchangeability of technologies that support trustworthy yet privacy-preserving Attribute-based Credentials (ABC). So far credentials such as digitally signed pieces of personal information or other information used to authenticate or identify a user where not designed to respect the users privacy. They invariably reveal the identity of the holder even though the application at hand often needs much less information, for instance only confirmation that the holder is a teenager or is eligible for social benefits. In contrast to that, Attribute-based Credentials allow a holder to reveal just the minimal information required by the application, without giving away full identity information. These credentials thus facilitate the implementation of a trustworthy and at the same time privacy-protecting digital society.
Starting-Date: November 2010, 48 months
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EU-FP7-SA: GINI - Global Identity Networking of Individuals - Support Action
The project is driven by the vision of a Personalized Identity Management ecosystem where people will control their own Individual Digital Identity (INDI) space. Individuals will have the ability to establish and manage personalized digital identities which they will own, linking them to verifiable and authoritative national data registries.
Starting-Date: June 2010, 24 month
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EU-FP7-IP: PrimeLife - Privacy and Identity Management in Europe for Life
PrimeLife - Bringing sustainable privacy and identity management to future networks and services. A research project funded by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme.
Starting-Date: March 2008, 36 Month
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Research on User Centric Identity Management in Telecommunications Industries
Development of transformation strategies for traditional Telecommunication business cases in a two side market environment in cooperation with a telecommunication company (under NDA)
Starting-Date: July 2008, ongoing